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Vistamar: Your Tropical Escape for Yoga, Surfing, and Cultural Immersions

Embark on a transformational retreat experience at Vistamar, where the lush jungle meets pristine beaches along the tropical Pacific Ocean. Our retreats offer more than just a change of scenery in a quaint village; they immerse you in unique, carefully curated experiences that flow seamlessly together.

Vistamar combines one-of-a-kind experiences that we thoughtfully curate into a retreat that flows between pushing one's boundaries and feeling pampered on vacation. Our retreats integrate comfortable and soul-nourishing activities that you already love, such as massages and yoga, with adventures like surfing, diving, paragliding, jungle hikes, horseback riding in the tropics, and more. Additionally, our retreats offer cultural immersions such as cooking classes, archaeological visits, Spanish classes, Cacao ceremonies, sound baths, and more!

The Vistamar retreat experience combines the soul nourishing experiences mentioned above with comfort that one longs for while  on vacation.  Count on all lodging options at a Vistamar retreat to provide hermetically sealed rooms with a/c, comfortable beds and linens, hot water, fast Wi-Fi, daily cleaning service, free laundry service, and an eye for details.

We build upon one of a kind experiences, comfortable lodging, and top it off with exquisite cuisine and a very attentive staff.  All of our meals are cooked from scratch, made to order and with a globally inspired menu.  In our mostly pescatarian kitchen (we happily meet requests for other options) we source all of our sea food locally, and much of our greens and grains locally as well.  You can count on home made teas, some of the worlds best coffee (yes, we are ready to stand behind this).  We also boast a zero waste kitchen with all extras going to the local farms.  You can see more about the Vistamar kitchen here (***HYPERLINK TO BLOG POST ABOUT VISTAMAR KITCHEN) 

There is no way to provide an excellent retreat experience without a staff that truly cares. This dedication comes naturally to the Vistamar Team because our guides and hosts are inspired by the joy of sharing experiences they themselves truly are passionate about, fostering a sense of love and connection throughout your retreat.

To get a better idea of what the Vistamar Experience is about check us out on instagram, @Vistamar_Ayampe, and our website,

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