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Fresh ~ Local ~ Nourishing

While we offer an array of menu options, we are flexible and are happy to alter the menu to your guests wishes.  Typically our aim is to provide a culinary experience geared towards what is most fresh and abundant here, which is great seafood; Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Swordfish, Macral, grouper, wild caught shrimp, calamari and fresh produce.  The menu often consists of a plant-based breakfast, and either a sea food based or plant based lunch and or dinner, always with fresh made juice, coconut milk, plenty of veggie sides (also, a vegan option is desirable depending on guests desires).  We can arrange details when you are ready.

Also Expect:
*All of our smoothie bowl bases are made with fresh made coconut milk, coconut cream or coconut oil
*We only use butter, never margarine
*We use organic produce whenever possible
*We source as local as possible
*Sea food products are bought fresh and local
*We use excellent Arabic coffee from Ecuador
*Expect variety at every meal.
*Expect generous portions
*Expect everything to be made from scratch, including: Hot sauces, salad dressings, coconut cream & Milk, juices, Smoothie bowl bases…*Expect special requests to be met
*Expect attention to detail
*Expect excellence

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