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What you eat is what you are

At Vistamar in Ayampe, we believe that your culinary journey shapes your experience just as much as any adventure you embark upon. That's why we consider the meals we prepare for our guests an essential component of our vacation packages. Beyond indulging in a superb beach vacation replete with surfing in tropical waters, traversing lush forests on hiking, biking, and horseback riding escapades, engaging in rejuvenating yoga sessions, and treating yourselves to luxurious spa treatments, you'll find your body expressing gratitude for the nutritious culinary delights it has savored.

The cornerstone of our delectable and health-conscious cuisine lies in simplicity: we source fresh, locally grown ingredients that not only nourish you but also sustain the planet. By prioritizing local produce, we not only minimize our carbon footprint but also uphold our commitment to serving genuinely organic fare, rather than merely relying on labels.

At Vistamar, Ayampe, our dedication to quality begins with meticulous ingredient selection and culminates in crafting everything from scratch. From sauces and bases to accompaniments, juices, aiolis, and dressings, every element of your meal is thoughtfully prepared in-house. We firmly believe that crafting from scratch not only guarantees superior health benefits but also ensures unparalleled freshness, discernible from the first bite to the visual appeal of your plated masterpiece.

Our seafood offerings are sourced directly from local waters, some mere steps away at Ayampe beach, and others a short distance from the fishing port of Puerto Lopez. Caught by small-scale fishermen using sustainable methods, our seafood selection boasts varieties such as tuna, swordfish, mahi-mahi, grouper, bass, and more. Notably, these smaller catches boast lower mercury levels and contribute to a smaller environmental footprint while bolstering the local economy by supporting independent fishermen.

While leafy greens might not be abundant year-round along Ecuador's coastal regions, we are fortunate to collaborate with dedicated local farmers who supply us with the freshest produce, including a variety of leafy greens and chili peppers. In fact, we take pride in growing some of our own produce, ensuring a diverse array of flavors for our discerning guests. Additionally, our kitchen constantly innovates, crafting homemade hot sauces and pickled peppers, guaranteeing a culinary adventure with each visit.

Moreover, we are honored to serve some of the world's finest coffee, courtesy of our partnership with Pablo Jimenez from Comuna Cafe (IG: @ComunaCafe). Ecuador's unique geography, coupled with Pablo's expertise in every stage from bean selection to roasting, results in a coffee experience unlike any other. While we could expound further on this topic, we invite you to experience it firsthand in Ayampe.

So, why wait? Come immerse yourself in the flavors of Vistamar, Ayampe, and discover the essence of tropical cuisine. For those seeking to recreate the magic at home, consider joining our Vistamar Cooking Class Experience during your stay. Explore our range of packages and retreats, designed exclusively for our guests, and embark on a culinary journey like no other.


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