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Ayampe south beach

Meet the team

~ Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much ~

Cesar Ayampe

Cesar adds home-grown 100% Ayampe local vibes to the Vistamar Team.  Not only does he know the surf breaks intimately but he’s at home guiding our guests through the jungle trails either on foot or horseback.  Besides surfing, practicing yoga and hanging in the forest, he spends his spare time skateboarding and helping the animals around town.


Matteo fell in love with Ayampe beach and all that Ecuador has to offer; from tropical weather that supports abundant fishing and a robust variety of vegetables to year round surf and jungle trails to explore!  He built Vistamar with hopes of being able to share that joy with the world.


Juan also fell in love with Ayampe, Ecuador and joined up with the Vistamar Team for similar reasons; pristine beaches with year round surf in a peaceful village surrounded by nature. When he’s not surfing or showing people the jungle you can find him underwater diving the coast of Ecuador.

Araceli Ayampe

Araceli is a friendly and upbeat local of Ayampe.  She is not only helpful in case you need anything but she is exceedingly kind and keeps a light and easy going attitude that is contagious.  She spends her free time hanging with her family and her pets on the beach.

Kati Ayampe

Kati appears more reserved but she is also another friendly native of Ayampe.  When you see her on site please feel free to ask her anything, even if it's what she likes to do in her spare time to practice your Spanish.  She also likes to spend her spare time with her family at the beach or at the local pueblo parties on the dance floor.

Flor Ayampe

Flor is not only a talented chef with a knack for fusion but is also a very hard working mama.  When she started out with us she had not run a kitchen before but she had all the confidence and wherewithal to do so.  What she lacked in experience she made up for with determination and wit.  You'll see why we wouldn't give her up for any ‘pro!’

~ Surf, yoga, and good vibes – that's our jam! Our crew, powered by pure passion, turns your dreams into reality. We're all about creating epic surf and yoga retreats, where every guest's dream gets a chill and heartfelt welcome. Join us for good times and awesome vibes by the beach! ~

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