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Surf With Experience


 We understand that when you go on a surf vacation one of the most important elements is surfing excellent waves. This sounds simple but you may have found it overlooked by surf camps in the past. I know I have. Sometimes the goal has been to make surfers of all levels happy instead of breaking up the group to find the best waves for each level. Maybe the camp didnt wanna spend the extra dough to travel the extra distance. Maybe the camp didn’t actually know where the best waves were. Maybe a lot of things.

We understand that

The Vistamar Surf Camp Experience will put finding you the best waves as the top priority. We combine expert, on the ground ‘eyes’ to provide us with realtime information along with tracking direction, period and size by surfers with decades of experience. We will drive the extra mile. We will make lodging available at partner sites if the waves are going to be epic far enough away that we wanna stay the night.

While we cannot control Mother Nature, Ecuador’s position on the globe provides us with exposure to North and South swells year round. And while our home base in Ayampe is not consistently the best wave it is one of the most consistent waves in Ecuador. That way we can surf nearly everyday you are here no matter what and also be ready to travel when the surf is up. We also keep the Vistamar Board Rack stocked so that when the swell is small we will have longboards and paddle boards at your disposal. We also have another 2 dozen boards ready for any condition in case you don't wanna bring boards or want a different board while you are here.

Another one of Ecuador’s geographical gifts is year round tropical waters between 73 and 84 degrees on the mainland (our Galapagos trips can experience colder temperatures). You will also enjoy the Vistamar Surf Experience coupled with exceptional service that Vistamar offers along with all the Experiences offered in our other programs. That means you can expect comfortable lodging with A/C, very hot water, truly fast wifi, delicious made from scratch cuisine, daily yoga, and a dozen + experiences.

Write us now to start your surf trip, whether it be mainland or Galapagos, Vistamar has your back!