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For those who have never surfed before or for the dedicated surfer who wants to take a pick up truck to where the conditions are best today!

We offer:

-Surf Lessons (1h30min)

With experienced and CPR & Lifeguard certified instructors:

Includes: board, wax, lecture outside and inside the water.‍

(3ppl max per instructor)

-Surf trips

Expect a comfortable and clean vehicle, a local guide with expert knowledge of the area, conditions and what waves will be working best when.


We host Yoga sessions in one of the most epic places in Ayampe, our very own rooftop shala with views for days.
Our experienced Yoga Alliance registered teachers will lead you through your practice in a group class or private sessions.

Follow our history on Instagram to see the schedule

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Horseback adventure

Take a scenic 30 min drive back in time to the seldom visited town of Rio Blanco, nestled in the little visited inside of the Pital Reserve with a knowledgeable guide.  Take a ride from sea level, passing through four types of forests, to  the highest peak in the area (~600M).  Find monkeys and other wild life along the way and be treated to lunch with fresh ingredients from the local gardens of Rio Blanca.

8:30am - 3:30pm
Includes: transportation, guide, horses, boots and lunch



Launch right off Ayampe beach or Puerto Lopez and explore desolate beaches, lava rock formations, view robust variety of tropical sea life, and dive or snorkel the reef right under the islands out front! Write us for prices and info.

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Cooking class

Learn to cook traditional coastal Ecuadorian dishes like ceviche, corviche, encocado and more while learning a little spanish!

archaeological site

A 30 minute scenic drive from Ayampe to an ancestral community, nestled in a desert micro-climate of Agua Blanca just off the coast. A local guide will take you through the museum, archaeological site, a short hike through the dry forest, ending with a swim at spring fed sulfur pools, with medicinal clay.
4 hours


Guided Hikes

Hike, walk or stroll with one of our local guides through a dozen different pristine trails from jungle to rugged coastline to endemic dry forests.

Whale Watching

SEASONAL: Mid June through September
Get up close and personal to the largest creature to ever have lived on planet Earth.
Half day tours to the Isla de Salango



Take a fishing tour and explore the rugged southern Manabi coastline.  See whales, sea lions, dolphins and other marine life while hooking into some fish.  Catch sierra mackerel, snapper, amber jack, grouper, and snook.

Write us for prices and more information.​

*The tour runs from around 3pm to sundown

*Includes a knowledgeable and experienced guide who speaks English and Spanish, tackle, boat, and transport to the boat.


Los frailes national park

Take a scenic ride with us from Ayampe to Los Frailes National Park to explore, hike distinct coves and look out points, and snorkel in and around a very beautiful bay.

*We include a stop at the Palo Santo distillery, and Andean textile shop afterwards too.

Ecuadorian Cocktail Experience

Ecuadorian Inspired Cocktail Experience

Enjoy the flavors of Ecuador while you learn how to prepare tropical inspired drinks from Ecuadorian ingredients from a highly skilled mixologist.  Asgard will lead you through this experience with not only Ecuadorian mixers made from fruits such as passion fruit, dragon fruit, starfruit, lychee and more but we will also use tropical inspired fat washes such as coconut and avocado fat washes.  Expect to see surprises like quinoa distillations, banana liquors and more!


We offer premium boards from 5' 4" to 9' 10" and soft tops too!
Includes leash, wax (for one day rentals), and a short briefing about conditions.

*While we will not charge you for a broken leash or a small ding,

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