Playa Galapagos

A 40 minuet scenic drive up a stunning section of the costal road takes us to a seldom visited beach.  From there we take a 3 hour hike along the shoreline exploring unique and beautiful tidal pools and rock structures for which the beach takes its namesake, ending at golden sand beach apply named Playa Dorado.

2 persons minimum: $40pp, 3 people $30pp,

4+ people: $25pp.

Includes an English speaking guide, transportation, and snacks.

*The time of departure depends on the tide, the tour lasts about 6 hours.

Guided Tours to Colibri Reserve

Explore the Colibri Reserve, a beautiful, lush humid forest starting just a few blocks from the front door with a local and English speaking guide if you like.  It’s a great chance to see wildlife, and exotic and unique plants in this tropical coastal rainforest.


The tour takes 2-5 hours depending on how far you want to go, $20 per person, minimum 3 people. Group rates available for any size more than 3 people.


Includes, guides, boots and binoculares.