We believe that so much more can be gained by giving.  

The community of Ayampe has been such a warm and receptive place for us, that it makes so much since to be able to give back.  

Vistamar is dedicated to maintaining ethical relations with the community from the simple things such as working with locals, from builders, to chefs, to suppliers, to tour operators, as much as possible.  We believe in paying fair wages, providing paid vacations to our employees, and sourcing locally and sustainable is also a basic tenet of ethically operating.


We also believe in collaborating financially and with our time on community projects.  This ranges from donations to holiday parties, to building projects within the community such as parks, the schools and helping to collect money for our neighbors in hard times.


We also try to collaborate with retreats, such as our project with Three Elements Yoga, to bring down materials for schools. Please, talk to us when you're here if you want to participate or feel free to reach out to us before coming if you want to bring something meaningful down.


We also have specific projects, such as Tech for Tots, which we started a few years ago.  It is a program in which we reach out to people through social media to find technology that is no longer used (mainly laptops) to donate to families that need them for their school aged kids.  Send us an email to participate.


If you have any ideas on how to give back, please feel free to share them with us  here  and we will be happy to collaborate and try to make it happen!

-Share the love and abundance

Give Back!