About Vistamar

Relaxation & Adventure

The goal when building Vistamar was to create a  space to enjoy the natural, rustic beauty of Ayampe while also being able to enjoy the modern comforts that we all seek while on vacation. 

We believe living in nature doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort. A/C, quality pillows, fresh linens, comfortable beds and a keen eye for detail and cleanliness are esteemed as tial at Vistamar. Vistamar borrows from the finest attributes of a guest house, hostel, hotel and b n b; privacy when you want it and comfortable spaces to meet travelers from around the world.

Vistamar leads and coordinates experiences such as surf lessons, yoga classes, horseback riding, guided hikes, and more.

After just a few short years of vacationers, travelers, online nomadic professionals, surfers and nature lovers enjoying Vistamar, we decided to expand the project and make more space by building Mango House


The Vistamar team is also committed to giving back to the community that has been so open and hospitable to us. Click here to see what we are up to and how you can collaborate.

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