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Rooftop vista view Vistamar Ayampe surf Yoga retreat Ecuador


In Ayampe, the Pacific Ocean and the unique lush coastal rainforest meet to give birth to what we call paradise.
Ayampe is also home to the Jocotoco bird reserve and some of the last mangrove forests in this part of the world.
It is a place full of biodiversity, very well protected and respected from its earliest recent inhabitants to the global community that now calls Ayampe home.
You can feel free and safe to walk on the beach at midnight, or explore the depths of the jungle just across town.
It is a place where you can rest on the beach and not be bothered… it is a place where you can really let go!


Vistamar Ayampe surf Yoga retreat Ecuador


It's all about comfort, relaxation & adventure for us.
​Whether you want to come and relax, cowork, surf, looking for adventure in the jungle, or explore the National Parks...
Our three story wooden house was built with the goal to create a space to enjoy the natural and rustic beauty of Ayampe while also being able to enjoy the modern comforts that we all seek while on vacation. ​
We believe living in nature doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort.
Vistamar borrows from the finest attributes of a guest house, hostel, hotel and B&B; privacy when you want it and comfortable spaces to meet travelers from around the world.​​
Vistamar leads and coordinates EXPERIENCES such as surf lessons, yoga classes, horseback riding, guided hikes, and more.
After just a few short years of vacationers, travelers, online nomadic professionals, surfers and nature lovers enjoying Vistamar, we decided to expand the project and make more space by building MANGO HOUSE (half a block away from Vistamar!)

Ayampe Seasons

Ayampe lagoon

Yang Ayampe (~December - May)

Be Active!

Ayampe’s sunniest season starts in early December and lasts to through the end of May (generally). Besides brief tropical showers, Ayampe is almost nothing but sunshine everyday during the Yang Season.

Bring plenty of sunblock and your bathing suit because you will find yourself mostly on the beach, getting a tan, surfing or swimming, enjoying cocktails or cold coconuts watching magnificent technicolor sunsets.  

That being said, the climate is probably not as hot as you may have thought. Think about a slightly warmer San Diego, with temperatures ranging from 69-83 degrees in the shade. And at Vistamar (and Mango House) the unobstructed ocean breeze will keep you feeling fresh at all hours!

You will also find the best surf conditions as the long range North ground swells and windless days make for perfectly groomed waves.  You will find breaks for all skill levels, from empty hollow barrels to soft rolling waves. This is also the time of year when Ayampe is most active and you will find friends where you want to hanging out in the bar or going out for a local party, while also being able to find plenty empty stretches of beach for yourself too.

Shine like the sun, be active and social, be Yang.

Ayampe Rocks

Yin Ayampe (~June - November)

Be inspired!

Are you looking for that ideal space to explore the jungle, read, write, cook or be creative? Yin Ayampe is the right season for you. Locally called Garúa – which translate to mist- (generally) starts in June and goes through November.

Yin Ayampe is mostly cloudy, and it is a perfect time to find that quiet space. Surfing is consistent although wind can be a factor that can make the beach breaks messy, yet, most of the best and secret surf breaks will be pumping in this season.

Although on the surface Ayampe seems quite, there is a lot happening. You may find yourself amazed by the dances of the humpback whales that arrive this time of year, which you can see from your room! For divers it is the time of year when the giant manta rays pay us a visit. The cool climate is perfect for nature lovers (and those who like a good adventure), horseback riding in the jungle.  

For those who like some quiet time, long walks on the beach, bird watching in the Colibrí’s trail in the preserve a 5 minute walk from Vistamar, doing Yoga every morning on our platform, exploring Puerto Lopez’s food market and turtle rescue center, and having a night out at Montañita’s cocktail alley are only some of the many things you can find yourself involved in here in Ayampe in the Yin time of year.

Bring cozy clothes, a wetsuit top or spring suit, a light jacket and a good book. Be inspired in Nature, be creative, be Yin

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